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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Merchandise Roundup 3


Gemma International Price £2.99 roll; £0.89 sheet; £1.55 pack Available Now

The path to a totally Doctor Who-themed birthday is one step closer with this natty gift wrap. Illustrated with Daleks, Cybermen and TARDISes, not to mention the ubiquitous WHO logo, this wrapping paper is guaranteed to ensure that all your presents look perfect – that is until the eager recipient rips it all off in a frenzy to see what might be inside. There are 4 metre rolls of paper available, as well as individual sheets (which are of a slightly different design), Dalek gift-tags and packs containing two sheets of paper and with gift tags included. Some things are harder to wrap than others … and I expect you’d need quite a few rolls to effectively wrap a full size Dalek.

Greens Price £1.49 Available Now

At last … something to get your hands dirty in the kitchen with. This new cookie kit from Greens is in your local supermarket now, and consists of a package of mix, a small sachet of puffed rice, a tube of hydromel-like orange goo, and a plastic Dalek-shaped cutter. In the interests of research, I have just finished making a batch of cookes myself, so here’s the lowdown. You add some water to the powdered mix and hit it repeatedly until it turns into a very sticky dough which looks alarmingly like some sort of Dalek mutant. You then roll this out, using copious amounts of flour as it really is mega-adhesive, and press out eight cute little Daleks using the cutter. I managed to get 10 Daleks out of mine, so it depends on how thinly you roll it I guess. You then decorate with the puffed rice and pop in the heated oven for 8 minutes to cook. They come out smelling wonderful, and when they’ve cooled, you use the orange goo to decorate them further. They taste rather nice – sort of chocolate orange – and I can’t see them lasting very long in my house, not with a constantly ravenous 13 year old Androgum lurching about.

David J Howe