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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Merchandise Roundup 4


Marks and Spencers Price £4.99 | £3.99 Available Now

Following on from the lovely gold Dalek Easter egg of 2006, this year Marks and Spencers have a Dalek Sec egg to munch on. This has the added advantage of featuring a removable touch sensitive device which loudly screams ‘Exterminate!’ when even lightly brushed against. The large egg is wrapped in Skaroan black foil, and the organic milk chocolate is very yummy indeed. It comes with six little foil wrapped chocolate ‘coins’ with a gooey chocolate fondant inside. Very, very moreish. Also at M&S is a superb little Dalek Sec ceramic egg cup. The cup comes with a small but satisfying organic dark chocolate egg, and when that has been devoured, the base can be used to hold your more standard breakfast egg – which, if decorated appropriately, could double as Eggros, creator of the Daleggs. There is a ceramic top to the eggcup which keeps the egg warm. Unfortunately the eye and arm stalks have been truncated and are little more than silver stubs which is disappointing for the Dalek purist. These are great value items and breakfast tables across the country could soon be invaded by the dreaded Daleggs.

Bonbon Buddies Price £4.99 | £2.99 | £3.99 Available Now

More Easter goodness. The Coin Bank is the same model that was released for Christmas last year with strawberry mallows inside, but this time it comes packaged with hollow gold foil wrapped eggs. Maybe just for the completist. However the Ceramic Double Egg Cup is a gorgeous item. It features a gold Dalek on one side and a Cyberman on the other and is perfect for those who like two eggs in the morning. It even comes with two blue foil wrapped choccie eggs. The Ceramic Mug is another beautiful item – as was Bonbon Buddies’ Hot Chocolate Mug at Christmas. It is beautifully adorned with a Dalek and Cyberman and comes with a medium-sized gold foil wrapped egg. At the prices, these are total bargains and I can see me replacing all the mugs in my house with Doctor Who ones very soon now.

David J Howe