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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Dalek Salt and Pepper Pots


In this age of ever more expensive ‘collectors’ merchandise items, the latest piece to become available is a twin set of salt and pepper pots in the shape of Daleks. The hype does not stop there, however, as these particular salt and pepper pots are made from fine pewter and have been polished until they shine. These pieces look wonderful. For the most part they are quite accurate, although the plunger arm and exterminator are foreshortened, and the combination of shining, polished edges, and matt black combine to give an impressive and appealing visual effect.

They are also four inches high, hollow, and have a plastic bung in the base. Despite the fact that they are very attractive and well made, the £80 price tag will be enough to put most people off. I would have placed them at around the £40 mark myself.

What more is there to say about them. Well, they come packaged in an attractive cardboard box with a ‘how to look after’ leaflet which provides the advice that salt should be mixed with rice, and that they should not be cleaned with abrasives.

David J Howe