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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Eagle Rising

Eagle Rising
David Devereux / Gollancz /£18.99 / 18 December 2008

Rating: 3

Magician and bastard Jack must infiltrate a high powered cabal to prevent them resurrecting one of the most evil men in history.

David Devereux has an easygoing writing style, but this often comes across as somewhat matter of fact and contains quite a lot of ‘tell’ and not a lot of ‘show’. We follow Jack as he relates his adventures with a sinister group of influential men, encountering allies and enemies along the way, and even battling a scaly demon from Hell. It’s all good fun stuff: subterfuge, ritual, torture and death all being meted out in the course of the novel. There’s some twists, and the deviousness of the action is all worryingly genuine giving the feeling that maybe some of the elements may actually be true! Not as good as Devereux’s debut novel, but a worthy follow up.

David Howe

DID YOU KNOW: a crochet hook can be used to expose the six muscles holding the eyeball in place so that they can be severed, enabling the eyeball to then be removed. Nice.