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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Tardis Tea


Well ... not exactly. Like the Dinky police box of the fifties, the ceramic London police box models of the seventies and the railway modellers' police boxes of the eighties, this product is not a TARDIS at all, but a reproduction of one of London's late lamented landmarks.

Produced by Disi Lisi Ceramics, the teapot is the latest in their 'London' series of novelty pots. It joins the red and silver 'Routemaster Bus' and the red 'Telephone Box' teapots which have been in production for some time and which have been very popular.

The 'Police Box' teapot has been designed by Jonathan Brookes, one of the half-dozen or so English sculptor/potters who are the current global vanguard of ceramic novelty teapot designers. The design is based on original drawings made available to Disi Lisi by the Metropolitan Police Museum and it has been painted an authentic dark blue lustre with silver windows and top-lamp.

The 'Police Box' has a capacity of about 5 cups (depending on cup-size, of course!) and is available from Disi Lisi Ceramics for £39.50, which includes postage and packing.

David J Howe